Fly Me To You

I have an unwavering habit of globetrotting, but when I’m not, you can find me in Chicago. Are you feeling the pain of wanderlust but don’t want to fly alone? I will gleefully accept an invitation to voyage to your locale or disembark at a new destination by your side.

I am passport ready and always eager for an adventure.

Some of my favorite expeditions are those in which I am flown to a new land I’ve never set foot in, to be greeted by a genuine smile of an excited friend who is ready to take the city by storm with me. While we relish in all the town’s hidden gems, let’s explore each other’s minds over the local gourmet delicacies and refreshments and giggle over our newly created inside jokes. When morning comes, you might take delight in my freckles and wish to reprise the bewildering night of fervor, or you may want to take me on a journey to gift me with the joy of a new experience.

Anywhere in the Main 48 – 6 Hour Minimum – $6,000

Alaska or Hawaii – 10 Hour Minimum – $10,000

International – Please inquire by email

My bags are always packed, and I would love to be your striking, muse-like, and drama-free travel partner. As every trip is unique, multi-day escapes will be quoted differently than the pricing above. Provide me with details and an expected itinerary, and I will give you a quote that’s appropriate for the occasion.

To confirm our plans, a 50 percent deposit is required and travel expenses must be paid in full prior to our trip. The balance is due at the beginning of our time together. First-class airfare is sincerely appreciated, and I’d be happy to book my own travel to save you time; reimbursement is due 72 hours prior to departure.

For FMTY or visits longer than 24 hours;

* I appreciate a healthy sleeping schedule and diet when traveling.
* I will need 2 – 3 hours of personal time per day to recharge and refresh.
* Please give me at least one-week’s notice for extended visits/FMTY, as this will allow me to prepare for our special trip.

Sponsored Trips

If you are dying to see me, but don’t see your city on my Tours page, a Sponsored Trip is a great option!

It’s simple! Cover my hotel, flight, and book three-plus hours with 48 hours’ notice and I’ll have my bags packed in a jiffy. If you don’t have time to see me this time around, but still want to show your support by sponsoring my trip, I gladly accept your covering my flight and hotel.

Though I am based in Chicago, Illinois… I would be thrilled to travel anywhere in the world to see you! My passport is feeling a bit neglected these days.

Spreading out on a pebbled beach in Positano and getting kissed head to toe by the Italian sun.
A.K.A. My ultimate idea of a Spa Day: Soaking in the sights and soaking myself in thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon.
Satisfy my lust for adventure and take me hiking in the hills or cruising down the canals of Istanbul.
Stimulate my senses at the world’s greatest spice shops, or barter in the Old Bazaar and buy me an exotic memento to remember you by.
Watch our breath intertwine in the air and snuggle with me to stay warm underneath the Aurora Borealis.
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